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About SterileRight


Business Philosophy & Management

Outstanding Performance, Reliable Service, Long-term Partnership 

Reasonable Prices, Altruistic Principle

Authorized converter of Medical Tyvek ® 
Authorized converter of Pharmaceutical Tyvek ®

logo aboutWith the help and assistance of many field experts and promoters with over 20
years of professional experience in medical packaging’s finance, manufacturing,
management and marketing, we have established SterileRight Packaging MFG INC in 2014.
To achieve outstanding performance, we specialize in professional conduct, humanized
management, flexible organization, long-term planning. 

To attain reliable service, we serve our customers with on-time-delivery and reliable
We endeavor to become our customers’ long-term partners, through our sustainable
management and development.  
To supply right products at reasonable prices and also benefiting at the same time,the
company, employee, customer and end user respectively. 
To assist customers and patients,
we strongly believe in producing the right medical products.
We strive to serve people worldwide substantially and effectively.


SterileRight Packaging Mfg Inc.
TEL +886-2-2697-5499
FAX : +886-2-2697-5497

E-mail :

1F, No. 33-7, Dahua 2nd RD., Qidu Dist.,
Keelung 20653, Taiwan

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