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Tyvek® Steam Sterilization Bag

made from Tyvek® / film.
Produced in ISO 5 (class 100) cleanroom     


Made from Tyvek® and HDPE film
Mainly made for Steam sterilization under controlled conditions 
The packed item can be used directly
Intended usage for plastic or rubber bungs, plastic parts, or related products
Steam indicator ink printing is available
Acceptable for EtO or Gamma sterilization as well.
Customized sizes and specifications supplied upon request

Your reliable OEM & ODM partner
Authorized converter of Medical Tyvek ®
Authorized converter of Pharmaceutical Tyvek ®

Item No. Sizes
11.7301 300mm x 500mm
11.7302 400mm x 500mm
11.7303 400mm x 600mm
11.7304 200mm x 300mm
11.7305 500mm x 650mm
11.7306 200mm x 350mm
11.7307 800mm x 800mm
11.7308 1000mm x 1000mm

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Authorized converter of DuPontTM Tyvek®
Tyvek® is DuPont's trademark.


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